Consumption vs. Creation

Photo by Bryan Huff This Picture is also from our production of “The Hobbit.” It was taken by local Photographer Bryan Huff from a CGI Dragon we made for the show. We used a program from DAZ 3D to create it.

Honestly, I’m a bit of a tech junkie. Being from the rural South used to make this very difficult. Things are getting better, but high-speed internet is still very limited in this area. Still, I like gadgets and I like to use them for multiple purposes.

I currently have a tablet that is mostly designed for day-to-day consumption of entertainment (That make sense being since it was created by an on-line entertainment empire). Although I highly enjoy the reading, watching movies, playing games, and web-browsing that this enables; ultimately, it leaves me wanting more.

You see, I believe that it is not enough to simply consume. While it may be enjoyable for a time, it will either leave us empty or bloated. In order to maintain a balance, we must also create.

That’s kind of what this blog is about. I enjoy writing. I’m not a very good painter. Sculpture is way out of my league. I like making films, but the time constraints on those make it an arduous process. Writing however is immediate and simple.

While I am working on assorted novels and play scripts, they are also a long and creative process. Writing this allows me to organize my thoughts, share them (with the two or three of you reading this), and clear my head.

I whole heartedly believe that this is absolutely necessary. Not the blog, but the clearing of the head and the organization of thoughts. You don’t have to write. Maybe you paint, maybe you draw, sew, knit, craft, make wooden bears with a log and a chainsaw. I don’t know what your talents are, but you need to be creating something.

We cannot go through our lives simple consuming the creations of others. We need to work with our hands, our minds.  Do something that allows you to relieve stress and focus.

I’ll even make a deal with you. You create it, and I’ll consume it.

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One thought on “Consumption vs. Creation

  1. Lynda

    Interesting thoughts! Glad you wrote them down for us to read! I think I’ll go make something now!

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