They’re not made from Slugs

Have you ever had a Slug burger? Do you know what one is?

I’ve never been able to find these “delicacies” outside of 20 miles from Corinth, MS.

They come from a time when things were a bit rough, financially. So that means most of us could relate. Meat had gotten so expensive that restaurants needed a cheaper entree for their customers. So you take a bit of meat, some spices, and a whole lot of filler (usually soybeans) and you make a patty. From there you do what any good Southern Chef would do, you deep fry it.

Traditionally, you would then put it on a bun with pickle, onion, and mustard. Back in the day one of these burgers could be purchased for a slug, a nickle, 5 cents, however you want to say it. Well the name stuck and the sandwich became a part of our local culture.

Each July, Corinth, MS hosts the Slug Burger Festival. Further celebrating this regional creation.

The picture below was taken as I was driving by (I was stopped at the intersection, I’m not that crazy)

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