The Park

How often do you go to the park? Why do you go there?

Some people go there to walk or to let the kids play. There are some, especially in larger cities that go to parks so that they can see a bit of nature, and escape from the everyday concrete and asphalt.

In places like that, parks represent a small chunk of green on a field of grey.

However, where I live it’s a bit the other way. The park is a bit of concrete and gravel carved out of a forest. The park pictured lies next to a creek that we used to play in and is near a school. It’s been updated lately and is much more entertaining for my son than it was in my day.

We come here, not for the nature (we get that in the back yard) but for the metal structures and fake animals of the modern world.


By the way, this isn’t the entire park. It’s actually bigger with slides, a climbing wall, and everything!

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