Party Crashers

Sometimes things work out pretty good. We went to the park today (twice for me, but that’s another post). When we arrived, a birthday party was in full swing. Being that we are in a very small town, park attendance consisted of the party and us.

There was no way I could put my four year old back in the car. The park, that many kids… No way was I going to do that to him. So my wife and I explained that it was not our party, and that playing was fine, but not to expect cake and ice cream.

Well, maybe I haven’t told you this yet, but we live in the South. The hospitality stereotype is actually true.

It turned out we knew a few people there. Within twenty minutes my kid had cake, and my wife had politely declined the offer extended to us.

However, you never make just one offer of food around these parts. By the second offer, I was ready. I left the park for the second time today, but this time, a Coke float followed me home.

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